The coffee guide

What coffee do you use at work?
We use Mecca’s Dark Horse as our ‘house blend’ and also offer single origins on rotation.
How do you have your coffee at home? How do you make it and how do you take it? find it now.
Filter coffee! delicate filter coffee – preferably through an Aeropress.
What’s the best thing about your job- the one thing that you really love aside from the coffee?
Meeting people, watching people, studying people.
What is your favourite music? (For work or for play).
Techno for playtime, hip hop for worktime and whatever else I fancy listening to along the way… I love karaoke so I enjoy putting on music at work that I can sing along to (Queen being an all-time favourite).
What’s your favourite food?
Japanese food is my all-time favourite. The flavours are so clean and delicate, and the presentation is so artistic and beautiful. I feel there is a real elegance with how Japanese food is prepared and how it is consumed.
Tell us what your best (or first) coffee experience was.
My very first coffee experience would have been eating the chocolaty foam off my mother’s cappuccino when I was a little girl. It was always soooo big and soooo fluffy and smelt delicious!
If you’re not drinking coffee, what is your drink of choice?
Can’t go past a good glass of water! Otherwise I like craft beer (Delirium Tremens being my favourite) and a nice bottle of wine.

What made you become a barista?
I found the whole process of making coffee fascinating, so I just jumped on board! Seven years later… here I am!
Do people often try and chat you up at work? Have you ever taken the offer up?
Haha, I got asked out by a customer recently…. we’ve been inseparable ever since!
What food do you think is the best compliment to a really great coffee?
Pastries! Shenkin make the best chocolate croissants I have ever devoured (I came to this conclusion before I started working here, so I’m not being biased) and a little piccolo to wash it down is such a treat!
Who would make a better coffee, King Kong or Godzilla?
King Kong for sure – Godzilla’s arms are too short!
Where is your favourite place to hang out in Sydney?
I love the Inner West – particularly Marrickville. Grab a takeaway pour over at Coffee Alchemy and go soak up some sun in the park across the road. Bliss.
What did you do on your last day off?
I like to go out for coffee and breakfast – it’s nice being on the other side of the counter for a change.
In a good cup of coffee, how much of it is due to the barista and how much is due to the beans?
Both are required to make a good cup of coffee – I feel that everything that is involved in making a good coffee relies on something else. So many variables, it’s what makes coffee so exciting!
Is decaf a dirty word?
A dirty chai is even dirtier.

Is specialty tea the new cappuccino?
Specialty tea is a whole other entity to something like a cappuccino, or espresso coffee in general. I think tea is closer to filter coffee in its consistency and the delicacy of flavour. But nothing will overshadow coffee – its society’s drug of choice!
What is your favourite kind of tea?
Maccha, sencha, oolong and licorice.
What is your favourite alternate brewing method?
Aeropress! So quick, so easy and minimal mess.
Where do you see alternate brewing methods going?
I would love to see a syphon bar, or just a filter coffee only cafe open in Sydney.
What ever happened to the Clover?
There are so many alternative-brewing methods available, in comparison the clover machine is just an expensive investment and a time consuming way of making coffee. I think the other filter methods are more appealing because they’re more accessible to customers too – it’s a lot easier and cheaper to buy a pour-over or an aeropress and make a coffee yourself at home.