The City of London Bank of England

Banking accountantOften referred to as “the City” or the “Square Mile”, the City of London is a small city, geographically located within Greater London, England. You have guessed it right; the city is exactly almost one square mile in area. London city forms the historic core of London and is presently governed by the City of London Corporation. Enjoying a prime location in London, this city has been part of an abundance of London Events. During the medieval period, the city was the full extent of London. Today, it forms the old part of London, where London presently refers to a large conurbation containing the City of London and the City of Westminster.

The City of London has emerged into a major financial and business centre, and is ranked at par with New York City. is one of the leading centers of global finance. Albeit the fact that the city has a resident population of under 10000, it employs around 340,000 professional workers who work primarily in the finance sector. These statistics have revealed that undoubtedly, London City is the richest square mile in the world. The City can be considered as the financial powerhouse of London, presently housing many financial giants. The London Stock Exchange, the Lloyd’s of London and the Bank of England are just to name a few.

During the early 1980s, the Docklands began development as an alternative financial centre for London. It is now home to the Financial Services Authority and it houses some significant financial corporations such as Credit Suisse, Barclays Bank, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, HSBC and Bank of America. The City of London and Docklands is presently home to more than 500 banking institutions with best Accountants. The financial contributions from these institutions have not only triggered substantial amounts of financial growth in the City but also have given rise to an extensive number of London Networking Events and London Entrepreneur Events. For jurisdiction purposes, the Old Bailey court is here, which acts as a central court for both England and Wales.

It is quite impossible to say that someone knows this city truly well. As a matter of fact, this city has rapidly revolutionized from a suburb of historical monuments and buildings into a sprawling metropolis. London Fashion Events stage the facets of the modern London culture. However, the old historic buildings have preserved the rich culture, heritage and art of the past amidst the modernized city culture, and have consistently provided a natural backdrop for staging London Art Events and London Exhibitions in particular and London Shows in general.

The old buildings of the City include the Tower of London, the Baynard’s Castle and the Montfichet’s Castle. These were built by William the conqueror to prevent invasion from rivals and to keep the Londoners subdued. Located in the North bank of the river Thames in Central London, the Tower of London houses the crown jewels and the tales of mysterious prisons for some significant prisoners.
The narrow streets at the City of London filled with the exotic aroma from the plethora of restaurants will take you by surprise. These restaurants offer some exquisite dining deals. The London community is now frequenting more London Social Events, some of which have fine wine tasting to offer.

London is the potpourri of Luxury. The luxury hotels, plush suites, luxury boats cater to the rich and the wealthy. Then there are the jet-set jewels, designers and princely antiques in accounting which simply demand your attention in more ways than one. The day of a Londoner comes to a tiring end while the eve is planned for attending major London Events across the city. Whether it is a London Music Event, a London Fashion Event or a London Social Event, you take your pick. London Events are here to refresh and rejuvenate your senses, for the day that is just about to dawn. We, at provide you content which precisely depicts information regarding events that cater to your likes in particular, and London Events in general.