Skin whitening or injection may be harmful to health, switch to natural way

The owner brought out dozens of drugs but the cheapest type is NC24 Whitening products originated from Japan, price 3.5 million. However, with the main ingredient is Collagen and Vitamin (VTM) C, this drug only makes skin lighten up. N. said that the use of drugs containing all three components. Copper, including 5 injections, lasts for 5 weeks and is administered intravenously. Natural cosmetic products just like here in are recommended than using this harmful injection treatment.

In addition, to confirm the prestige of the store, and trust the drug, N said, before the official injection, N will go to see a reputable doctor at the store made in Bach Mai Hospital or 108, they will Test reactions, perform tests, only when safe to inject. At the same time, N also offers a long list of phone numbers, the names of the people who are shopping and the availability of phone numbers to see how the results of this “medicine”.

In Hanoi, in addition to the purchase of self-injecting drugs, the injection of skin at the Spa has also appeared. However, the amount of money for this method of beauty is not small. At a Spa on Do Quang Street, a white injection counselor said the vaccine would inject 12 doses at a price of 50 to 70 million VND depending on the Swiss or American. And in particular, this whitening drug has the composition of the ovum.

Costly to buy dangerous
According to Dr. Nguyen The Hung, Military Hospital 108, the use of Glutathione to whiten skin has not been scientifically verified and is still controversial. On the other hand, normal skin pigmentation is not only characteristic of race but also protects the body against UV rays (which cause skin cancer).

At the same time, according to Dr. Hung, Glutathione has antioxidant effects, anti-free radicals by the regeneration of vitamin C and E. Therefore, this drug helps rejuvenate the body, fight stress, prolong life , fight disease. Also boost the immune system, detoxify the body through hepatotoxic excretion. But, according to a study by the FDA (Philippines), published May 31, 2012: Abuse of this skin whitening agent can result in: kidney failure, blood poisoning, skin necrosis necrosis, Can lead to death.

Meanwhile, a substance is more in the injected white is introduced that is Collagen and VTM C. But Hung said: Collagen. VTM C is only used by mouth and applied on the skin, not injected specifically intravenously. Long-term use of high-dose VTM may cause urinary tract stones, especially high doses of intravenous doses that can melt blood, decrease redness, or cause anaphylactic shock.

Dr. Nguyen Van Doan, Director of the Center for Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Bach Mai Hospital – said that in the injectable ingredients, Glutathione and Collagen are all amino acids so easily allergenic. Besides, intravenous injection is not safe. If the patient reacts mildly, rash, rash, severe anaphylactic shock, poisoning, even life-threatening.

Mr. Doan recommends, patients when using drugs need to have a doctor’s application, should not arbitrarily purchase whether aimed at the purpose of healing or support the beauty of the sister drug unknown origin can stalk danger, that is why we recommend using natural skin care products.

The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery

At one time or another, many people have thought about cosmetic surgery to correct a real or perceived physical flaw or to just have a better look. Why would people go to such lengths, and how could you find a competent doctor? The first thing that one needs to ask is if this is something that can be corrected naturally. For example, can exercise and diet do the job instead of going under the knife. If so, then the answer is obvious. For others, after years of exercising and dieting without the desired results, cosmetic surgery such as liposuction can be the answer for them. It can be the perfect solution that they need. For some people, losing weight isn’t the only issue that they’ve encountered. It’s much more than that. In addition to losing weight, they’re also dealing with the fact that they have a lot of extra sagging skin, and they can’t get rid of it.

Losing weight and sagging skin may not be a problem for some. Instead they would rather correct what they feel is a physical flaw such as a prominent nose. For these people, cosmetic surgery can actually be life changing. Now let’s say you’ve done your research, and you feel that this is the route that you want to take. What’s your next step? How do you find a doctor that you can trust? The best thing to do is to talk to people who have had cosmetic surgery, and ask them about their experiences. Ask them how they were treated. Did the doctor listen to them? Did everyone in the office treat them respectfully? Were they supportive after the procedure? Just to follow up on any recommendations, you can always check the doctors online. There are websites where you can review other people’s experiences for a mommymakeover, making it easier to make the best informed decision possible.

There are many people out there that are choosing to go under the knife to improve their looks. While that is a personal decision many choose to make, I am not sure that they are all being too careful about it. It may cost a lot of money to get the best cosmetic surgery done, but it is worth it to know that you will be safe.
I watch the news every day, and at least once a month I hear about someone trying to get back-alley cosmetic surgery. I am not sure how getting liposuction to rid yourself of a few problem areas is worth losing your life. Ultimately, your life should mean a lot more to you than that.

Two years ago I had a child and I was left with these terrible saddlebags. I am think about getting liposuction to smooth out my figure. I have been saving up for a while, and I believe I have enough to afford the procedure. I am going to do my best to find a great doctor that stands by his work. There are doctors all over the place that are willing to perform plastic surgery, but it is my job to make sure that I find the right one. I plan on asking any surgery I consider to show me pictures of make overs of other patients he has worked on. There are also sites online where people go to give their doctors grades on things like efficiency, friendliness and cleanliness. I am going to check a few of those sites out too. You can’t trust anyone with something that is so important.