How to Clean Your Mattress Properly?

In time, your mattress will show some signs of age but there are times when people get careless with their things that they got the bed covers, the mattress included, dirty. For example, if teenagers had made a habit of eating food or snacks and drinking juice or soda, on their bed, at some point if they are not careful, a mess will occur. There are times when children can’t hold their bladder as well, and before you know it they’ve created an accident, which of course they didn’t mean for it to happen but it caused the bed to be covered in wet stains.

All of these messes that your kids and, including yourself, has caused on the mattress to become all dirty, smelly and sticky. You know what it means, do you? It means that it is time for the mattress to give it a good wash. Here are some ways for you clean your mattress properly, removing all the stains and other bodily fluids that might have stuck for some time until they are clean and fresh.

1. Try using baking soda. There will be a lot of stains, and you cannot just pluck the whole mattress, and bring it to the washroom. No, that will be a pain and a hassle for you. But there is a way to make it more effective. Using baking soda will help remove all the stains without adding too much manual labor on your part.
2. Use a vacuum to remove the animal and human hair. If by some chance you have a dog or cat that love to play around on your bed, then vacuuming works fine. Sometimes there is falling hair lying on your sheets and under the covers, so vacuuming is the good option to remove unwanted hair that’s on your bed.
3. Air your mattress out. Instead of drying the bed outside, which will take a lot of work to do, why not just open the window and let some sunlight pool through. The air and the UV rays will help kill the remaining bacteria that might have to sneak their way in and release some awful smell.
4. Try deodorizing as well. It might not be fully accomplished, but the smell will linger. And if it bothers you so much then you have to try deodorizing it. How does deodorizing? Well, just add baking soda and let it sit there for a considerate amount of time and then use the vacuum to suck all the powder in.

This is how you properly clean your mattress without suffering through all the way by removing the mattress from the bed and washes them with water and soap. No, there’s no need for that for there is a way to make the cleaning process easier. These simple steps will make sure of that. It is easier, and the load is light. So the cleaning process won’t be a pain on your part, and it will be easy to do the chore when cleaning.

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