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Have you tried carrying 10 heavy bricks for a long period of time? It is heavy isn’t it? That’s how hunters feel like when they are hunting for long periods of game while carrying their crossbow within their bare hands.
The macho men hunters should not be losing half of their energy just by carrying their heavy equipment’s instead of using it 100% for running berserk in the killing fields brawling for lions, wrestling bears and taking selfies with giraffes.
The solution for this is no other than the crossbow sling for hunters. The sling enables the hunter to carry the crossbow while keeping both hands free. This will reduce stress, effort and strain for the person who carries the heavy crossbow for a long distance and duration of time.
The most commonly used crossbow sling is the two-point sling. This sling is just the same to the function and purpose of a sling to a hunting rifle. The sling basically consist of a mounting point placed (first) near the muzzle and (second) near the stock, just how the name suggest “two point sling”.
The two point sling has a special feature that allows the hunter to easily detach the point from its mount to the crossbow. This is a good feature that hunters love the most because usually the slings get in the way when a game is locked into place.
In order to attach the sling to your crossbow, you have to first make sure that sling mounts or sling spots are installed to your bow, if not then you may have a sling and a bow but if there is nothing to attach both then you will still hunt carrying your bow with bare hands.
If you turn your crossbow upside down and still find no sling spot then you please do consider taking your crossbow to a local shop and let the experts handle it. They will determine where to place the mount and use the best material suitable for your crossbow.
The hunter must make sure that the sling is 100% durable. Think of it this way, if your sling fails your very expensive crossbow falls and will have a very good chance of being broken. Falling crossbows will cause a good amount of noise that will stress the hunting community and scatters the game.
Choose a sling that has proper weight distribution. You will know if the sling distributes every kilogram well, the larger the pad, the more distributed the weight is. Choose a pad with larger coverage and with comfortable materials.
Last thing to consider in choosing a best crossbow for the money sling is its physical design. You might want to choose a glow in the dark sling or a strikingly white one. Design will not affect your hunting strategy but for some hunters, carrying their crossbow in a very complimenting sling adds up to their hunting pride and confidence.
The most important question now is what is the best sling to buy?
There are many factors to consider but the best sling to buy is a sling that enables you to stand in a firing position while still being attached to the hunters body. Not all slings can do that so if I were you I will choose the sling that can.

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