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Konferencecenter Klarskovgaard
Klarskovgaard is a specialised and purpose-built conference centre. It has been granted the environmental certification, The Green Key, and a quality certification by Danske Konferencecentre.

The centre is a part of the Nordea Group but also serves a large number of attractive, external customers.

We constantly strive to be valued by our customers as the most quality-conscious, innovative and value-creating business partner compared with other conference centres.

Klarskovgaard’s customer loyalty and service quality are measured regularly, and we have been among the best in Denmark year after year.

At www.klarskovgaard.dk you can read what our customers have recently said about us

Location and transport
Klarskovgaard is located five kilometres south-east of the town of Korsør on a 45-acre plot of land right between two forests and overlooking the Great Belt with a view towards the islands of Agersø and Langeland.

It takes about one hour from Copenhagen to reach the centre by train and car and 45 minutes from Odense.

You can catch the intercity train every half hour from Korsør railway station to and from Copenhagen/Odense.

When turning off motorway E20, you can reach the centre in about ten minutes.

102 guest rooms, each with their own bathroom, telephone and TV.
Technical facilities in the conference room
All our conference rooms have daylight and are equipped with:
· Wireless broadband Internet access
· Data projector for PC, video and DVD presentations
· Complete ITV equipment
· Telephone
· Comfortable multi-adjustable chairs
· Overhead projector
· 2 screens
· 2 flip chart
· Whiteboards, as required
· CD and cassette player
· Conference room lighting
· Black-out curtains

Other technical equipment
· Wireless computer-based opinion poll facilities creating interaction at the conference. Obtain an offer
· Wireless computer-based opinion poll facilities integrated into your PowerPoint presentation. Obtain an offer.

The old home farm – unique conference facilities
The old home farm is located right next to our fruit orchard which is only a two minutes walk from the main building of Klarskovgaard. It has a conference room for a maximum of 26 delegates, 4 syndicate rooms, course secretariat and a kitchenette.

The old home farm is ideal for activities requiring privacy. The technical equipment, conveniences and service are at level with those of the main building.

The meals are served in the main building and tea and coffee in the old home farm.

The greenhouse
– a good workstation for conference managers.

In the hall of the main building there are two good workstations for conference managers equipped with free telephone line, PC, printer and wireless Internet access so that they can spend any breaks to have some work done.

We care about your safety.

All of the buildings are protected by large camera housing, . Thus, 2Bsecurity does not attract unwanted visitors.

Benefit programme
When you choose Klarskovgaard, you will get – free of charge – these benefits:
· Free wireless Internet access in all conference rooms
· Complete ITV equipment in the auditorium
· Data projector for PC, video and DVD presentations in the auditorium
· Free telephone calls, worth DKK 20, per delegate per day
· Comfortable multi-adjustable chairs
· Quiet, well-equipped office for conference managers
· Proven customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The environment
Klarskovgaard has been granted the certification, The Green Key, and meets the requirements as to caring for the environment which is related to the certification.

We welcome both smokers and non-smokers at Klarskovgaard. We do not discriminate but show consideration to everybody.

Teambuilding In the orchard
Klarskovgaard’s 45-acre land, including a beach, is a paradise for nature lovers and is suitable for teambuilding activities. On land, at sea and in the air.

There are no restrictions in our area, and we have plenty of good ideas for how to use it.

In the kitchen
Try a different kind of teambuilding which will give the delegates an experience they will never forget.

Leave your delegates to us for a while, and we will help them plan, coordinate and cook a fantastic menu, filled chocolates, a seafood buffet, smoked fish or meat – or whatever we can come up with together.

We offer an innovative and professional kitchen environment with “a twinkle in the eye”, all the required facilities and a staff that is more than willing to take part in your activities

Benefit programme
· Tennis court
· Football, handball and volleyball fields
· 24 mountain bikes
· Petanque court
· Walking and jogging routes in the forest

Klarskovgaard was designed by Professor Viggo Møller-Jensen and Mr Tyge Arnfred, Architect. The architects were awarded the Danish Architects’ Timber Prize for this work.

The centre was built in 1970. It has always served as a conference centre and is now a part of the Nordea Group.

On the large plot of land three old buildings are also located: the old home farm, which forms part of the conference facilities, as well as Skovly and Fanehuset, which have been leased out to Nordea.

The fruit orchard of Klarskovgaard has been laid out as a recreational area.

Works by Danish artists contribute to the cultural standard of the centre, for example Robert Jacobsen’s Abacus sculpture on the big lawn, Bent Sørensen’s Box sculpture at the main entrance, Lars Ravn’s ceramic frieze in the hall as well as paintings by Mogens Andersen, Hans Scherfig and Peter Brandes.

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